The Universities of Alicante and Algarve cooperate for the start up of the Specialisation in Marine Sciences and Fisheries at the University of Seychelles

Teachers from the University of Alicante and Algarve visited the University of Seychelles during September and October 2014. They delivered lectures for the Specialisation in Marine Sciences and Fisheries in the framework of the FISHERMAN project: Capacity building for sustainable Fisheries Management in the Southwest Indian Ocean, financed by the EDULINK programme. Dr José Luis Sánchez Lizaso and Dr. Yoana del Pilar from Alicante and Dr. Maria Teresa Dinis from Algarve have been the teachers involved. The first generation of students is expected to complete the specialisation within the next few months. During their visits, the invited experts have contributed to the students’ training and they have also prepared the teaching material to be used for the next editions of the Specialisation. Dr. Lizaso taught the subject of Fisheries Science, Dr. Del Pilar Oceanography, and Dr. Dinis Aquaculture. Next project activities will consist in supporting and contributing to the creation of a Master or Specialisation at the Universities of Toliara (Madagascar), Daar el Salam (Tanzania), Comoros (Comoros) and Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique) on the same topic, with the aim of achieving the inclusion of Fisheries within the academic context.