Target: the 2nd edition of the FISHERMAN Regional Conference will bring together Regional and International Marine Resources professionals, fisheries authorities, academics, policy makers, activists, politicians and others involved and interested in Fishery sector in the region.

Aim: The Indian Ocean is the smallest, youngest and physically most complex of the three major oceans. Most of the water area of the Indian Ocean lies within the tropical and temperate zones, with a significant biodiversity and several upwelling zones important to commercially valuable marine species. Although great fisheries potential, some areas of this ocean are still insufficiently known.

The main aim of the 2nd edition of the FISHERMAN Regional Conference is to bring together regional and international fisheries experts, authorities, professionals, academics, policy makers and other involved and interested in the Fishery sector, to exchange ideas and to promote an effective collaboration in the South-Western Indian Ocean.

The objectives of the Regional Conference are:

  • To enhance the understanding of sustainable ocean resources governance, its management and use in the region by critically assessing the agenda for reform.
  • To discuss the present situation in the Region about Fisheries Management and Fisheries Education.
  • To present the FISHERMAN project and its developments. 

You are invited to submit abstracts of contributions on the following topics:

  1. Biology and ecology of marine resources
  2. Management and conservation of marine resources
  3. Education and training on fisheries
  4. Economic and Social Assessment of fisheries
  5. Policy and governance